Additional Improvements To Jessica's Park Now Possible Thanks To Fundraising Success

Jessica Ridgeway Memorial Park

Fundraising continues for the Jessica Ridgeway Memorial Park in Westminster, and the success of the effort is allowing for additional improvements as part of the project.

Money raised so far has surpassed $400,000, and coupled with estimated in-kind donations of more than $100,000, the fundraising total now stands at more than $500,000.

“We’re honored and excited about the community support we’ve received so far,” said Don Tripp, director of Westminster Parks, Recreation and Libraries. “Our success means we think we can raise enough to make this the kind of project that our community wants to see.”

Current project estimates are for $538,000, which includes additions and upgrades based on input from the Ridgeway family and Witt Elementary School; consultations with engineering, construction and supply companies in the parks field; and improvements to the plaza concrete, pedestrian lighting and the existing basketball court.

The total includes a 10 percent contingency for any unexpected issues that may arise during construction.

The next phase of cost assessment will be actual bids for the work, which will occur in March. The project will be built within funds that are available, so there are cost-containment options that are being pursued during the bid process.

Fundraising requests are still being actively pursued to close the construction funding gap and to accommodate any bids that may be higher than expected. If fundraising exceeds the cost of construction, all remaining funds will be placed in an account to be used for future repairs and updates to the park's improvements.

Jessica Ridgeway Memorial Park

“Much of the furniture, the art and the play features are powder coated with purple and green, so see real value in regular repainting to offset the impacts of the sun's rays,” said Tripp. “There will also be normal wear and tear of park features, and any extra funds will help assure that the park will always beautifully reflect the goals for this project.”

The Jessica Ridgeway Memorial Park will be an enduring tribute to the memory of a girl whose joyful spirit touched so many. In keeping with the family’s wishes, the park will be a place for positive reflection and memories. Construction of the park will begin in the spring of 2013 with the park dedication taking place later this year.

Complete details on the park, including proposed designs, are on the Westminster Legacy Foundation website. The Westminster Legacy Foundation was established in 2001 to support and enhance programs and projects that benefit the Westminster community and its citizens.

Jessica Ridgeway Memorial Park Donors

The Ridgeway family and the Westminster Legacy Foundation would like to thank the following for their generous contributions in money, time and services to help build Jessica's park:

City of Westminster – $200,000 in cash and in-kind services.

Jefferson County – $100,000 from the county's share of the Colorado Lottery’s Conservation Trust Fund.

Colorado Garden Show, Inc. – $50,000 grant plus booth and in-kind support at the Colorado Garden and Home Show.

Ball Corporation – $5,000.

Majestic Metals (park sign) – $2,500.

Martin & Martin – pro bono structural engineering.

Westminster Fire Department Fire Victims Benefit Fund – $1,000.

Heinrich Marketing – pro bono marketing support.

GroundFloor Media – pro bono marketing support.

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