The initial stages of Jessica Ridgeway's Legacy are under way – Updated 1/22/2013


In honor of Jessica Ridgeway the family is going to start a foundation that will be named Jessica Ridgeway's Legacy. The planning for this will be developed over the next year (2013).  There are many ideas that are floating around and they all will be considered.


The Ridgeway Family has been overwhelmed with the support we have received from people all over our state, the country and even the world. Jessica’s story has touched so many and we would like to give back to the community in her name.

Jessica was a gift to our family. She brought us so much joy and her smile was the fuel that helped propel us through each day. Though she is no longer with us, her spirit is, and that spirit can help many other children to achieve what she was denied. She has inspired many to come together and we want that gift to continue on in the community. Her joy in living, dancing and exploring her world is what will continue on. With your help in the future, we would like to bring that joy to other children through our foundation.

Understandably, our family is still grieving and we need to take each day one step at a time. We ask that you allow us the time we need and continue to support our efforts until we are able to define our plans more completely. Being part of such a caring community has given us so much in this terrible time and we are committed to returning this gift tenfold.

May there be Peace in Jessica’s name.


Renaming Chelsea Park after Jessica

  • The motion to rename Chelsea Park passed the advisory board of the Parks & Recreation Dept. in Westminster in November, 2012
  • The park's new name is Jessica Ridgeway Memoral Park

Jessica Ridgeway Memorial Park Remodel

Jessica Sign

  • The Chelsea Park sign was removed and replaced with the new Jessica Ridgeway Memorial Park sign in December, 2012
    • The new sign was provided by Majestic Metals at no cost to the City of Westminster – thank you Majestic Metals!
  • The City of Westminster is collaborating with The Ridgeways on the design
    • In keeping with The Ridgeways' wishes, the park will be a celebration of Jessica’s life
    • Jessica would want the park to be a place that embraces the fun and joy she had playing there with her scooter, dog and friends
    • Purple ribbons are a dominant theme in the proposal, intended to call to mind Jessica’s enjoyment of cheerleading and her favorite color
  • The cost for the remodel will be $450,000
    • The City of Westminster has committed $200,00 in cash and in-kind services
    • The Jefferson County Commission has pledged $100,000 in conservation-trust funds
    • $150,000 is needed in community donations over the next two months so that the city can complete the park renovation
    • The City of Westminster must decide by March or April how much they will build in 2013

Jessica Ridgeway Memorial Gardens

  • The Jessica Ridgeway Memorial Gardens will be part of the new Jessica Ridgeway Memorial Park and is in it's planning stages.

Cheerleading Camp

  • Why a cheerleading camp? Jessica really wanted to do Cheerleading and this will be something that will shed a positive light on her memory.
  • A cheerleading camp in Jessica's name is in it's planning stages.


The Broomfield Community Foundation accepts donations to the Jessica Ridgeway Legacy Fund, which will support animal and youth initiatives in her memory. Members of Jessica’s family help decide where funds will go.

To donate, visit and select the Jessica Ridgeway Legacy Fund from the drop-down menu.

For more information, call 303-469-7208.

Thank you for your support!



To donate directly to the Jessica Ridgeway Memorial Park Fund visit the website by clicking here (major credit cards accepted)

You can send a check made payable to:

Westminster Legacy Foundation
P.O. Box 350356
Westminster, CO 80035-0356

Please note on the check that your donation is intended for the Jessica Ridgeway Memorial Park Fund.

Donations to the Westminster Legacy Foundation are tax deductible.

Corporate and group donations are welcomed. For more information, contact Laura Magnetti or Karen Layfield, at the Westminster Legacy Foundation, 303-658-2209.

To see all the proposed park designs click here.

NOTE: All designs are preliminary and dependent on funding and final design.