1st Annual Justice for Jessica Memorial Run and Ride

The 1st annual Justice for Jessica Memorial Run and Ride was originally set up to raise money for the reward fund to catch Jessica’s Killer. After the events unfolded to the arrest of the suspect the need for the reward fund was no longer necessary. Thus the event continued to raise money for the family and for the set up of Jessica Ridgeway’s Legacy.

This event was separate from the Jessica Ridgeway Memorial Cruise set up by Tim Beckwith.

This event was put on by Chopper Pete who has experience with these types of events. The event started at Hiccups Bar on Sheridan with stops at Cactus Jack’s Saloon, Susie’s Bar & Grille, Hawg Back Saloon, Firehouse Tavern, and Buckin’ Harleys.

“Got an update on monies collected from the venue’s involved on Sunday’s 1st annual event for Jessica. Thank you Firehouse Tavern for personally depositing $200.00 on November 6, 2012. Also picked up from Cactus Jack’s in Evergreen, $200.00, Susie’s Bar & Grill in Golden, $70.00, Hawg Back Saloon in Golden, $100.00. Waiting on Bucking Harley’s to let me know how much they are contributing! Thank You soooo very, very much for all venues involved! Much Love & Respect to ya all…..”  ~Chopper Pete